Benefits of Massage

I focus on facilitating the body's natural ability to dissolve muscular tensions, which in turn, can bring calm to the mind.  Spend a quiet hour with absolutely nothing to do but relax.  It's like hitting your "Refresh Button." Regardless of how stressed you feel prior to the massage, you will feel improvement after the session.

For many, massage is not a just a luxury.  The beneficial effects of massage are cumulative; it is "addictive" in a good way.  Healing touch causes the body to release relaxing neurotransmitters, similar to those released by excercise.  They help to calm and center us, facilitating profound changes for the better.

I believe that the body is the temple of the Spirit, and I hold that as part of my intention for you.

Honor your body, mind, and spirit.  De-stress, de-tense.  Experience the serenity massage therapy can bring, and get yourself on the road to Optimal Wellness!