Toni is very professional while being a fun person.  If you want to relax completely (as in going to sleep which I did twice!), go for a massage with Toni. 
MA, on 2/6/2015

It was a wonderful experience!! 
ES, on 3/7/2015

I would recommend her services to my friends and family. She was very attentive to my problem areas and her touch was gentle with just the right amount of pressure. Her massage office is also very nice and peaceful. 
AM, on 10/24/2014

Toni has been my massage therapist for over two years and my experience with her has been nothing short of life changing.

Before becoming one of Toni’s clients, I had severe tension in my upper back and neck that often resulted in regular headaches and would sometimes become so painful that my movement would be extremely limited.  Within the first few months, Toni had worked out the knots, tension, and tightness that had been building up over years!  The results have been truly amazing for me – no headaches, no painful knots – for months at a time!

Toni also kept me virtually injury free for months while I was training for a 15K last year and kept my shoulders and back loose and flexible while I was training for an intense rock climbing trip out west.  I know for certain that my success during these endeavors was in large part due to Toni’s fantastic work!

Beyond her excellent training and skills as a massage therapist, Toni is generous of spirit and has a truly calming and healing presence.  It has been a pleasure to be one of her clients for so long and I am grateful to have been under the treatment of her therapeutic, healing hands.
E. Robichaux
June 20, 2013

I have been receiving a weekly massage from Toni Creamer  for  over a year. I started with a promotion and decided to set a regular schedule.
I view massage differently than most people. I do not consider massage a treat to myself, although it certainly is the nicest thing that I do for myself. I don't think of it as a remedy for sore, aching, tight muscles even though I always feel relief from aches , pains, and muscular tightness.
I get a weekly massage from an expert therapist who knows my body as well as I do and is helping me keep that body healthy, toxin free, flexible, and functioning to the best of its ability.
That is what my weekly session with Toni brings me along with mental peace and relaxation and I would NEVER give it up!
Donna Kelber, 
August 1, 2013

The experience was fantastic!  So good, in fact, that I will be returning .  :)
Name Withheld, on 5/8/2011

Toni was Amazing!  She listened and made suggestions that have continued to help. 
NW, on 3/14/2011

I'll be meeting with Toni monthly because I loved her services so much! Thanks! 
NW, on 5/9/2011